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Clickable navigation/section labels#26

Currently, section labels help the user understand where they are in the workflow. I want end-users to be able to click those section labels to go back and forth between different sections of a workflow.

a year ago

Yes, this would be helpful ♥️Also, it would be useful to be able to add logic to them so they appear or disappear based on certain conditions (perhaps attached to the page’s logic that they are connected to)

8 months ago

Yes, triple yes! :)

7 months ago

I agree, this would really be helpful!

4 months ago

Also, add the review page to the section labels.

2 months ago

absolutely. I have this with my HotDocs account, and it’s awsome

2 months ago

If you hover over the Section List, the cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger. This makes it look like you can use the list to navigate.
Until the Section List is actually clickable, can you make the cursor NOT change into a pointing finger?

a month ago