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Progress Status Bar#34

Please add a progress status bar to the workflows. It will be great to customise the progress status bar to show the following:

  • progress of user (0 to 100%) highlighting % of workflow completed and/or % remaining, and
  • estimated time to complete the remaining unanswered questions.

Based on our UX research, we believe that users abandonment rate will reduce significantly by adding this simple feature to workflows.

This feature can be gradually upgraded to show users how answering specific questions can reduce or increase the estimated time to complete a workflow.

3 years ago

As an added suggestion for this, maybe offer the option for users to choose to have the progress status bar base it’s percentage off of how many pages are complete vs. how many questions are answered.

Our office is working on a particularily complex workflow project with vastly varying answers on each page. Some pages will have around 10+ questions, while others might have 3-4. For situations like these, being able to base the progress bar off of the amount of questions answered would be a much better and more accurate method than the number of pages.

a year ago