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Customize "save link to continue later option:#93

When “save link” it should save the work of the current page. It only saves the work form the PREVIOUS page.
Altneratively - allow the link to apper at the TOP of the page.

a year ago

Also, allow a partial page to be saved.

7 months ago

To my mind improving the save feature is super important. At the moment, when dealing with a large multi-page form, there’s too much risk of data loss prior to form completion (eg., if the internet goes down or if a user accidentally closes their tab), and ideally the current ‘save link’ feature should save all data entered up to the point of clicking the save link (and not remove data on the current page). It would also be extremely helpful to have a related feature by which a user’s workflow is automatically saved every time they progress from one page to the next and/or at a certain time interval (e.g. 5 mins, 10 mins or the like).

5 months ago

Agree 1000% with Richard. We haven’t switched our questionnaires over yet because they are lengthy/detailed and would love to see the “save link” functionality improved first. Please. :)

4 months ago